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Colleen's background in luxury retail combined with her extensive knowledge of fashion allows her to both style and educate clients in creating looks they love. Her personal belief is that there are no problems, only situations with solutions and is most passionate about making clients feel good about themselves.


Originally from Pittsburgh, Colleen has lived in Bucks County for over 20 years. She currently resides in River Valley of Tinicum Township. She enjoys spending her free time shopping for antiques and visiting museums. 


Interests: Art, architecture, and everything Italian. 


Celebrity Style Icon: Sarah Jessica Parker

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Shawna's professional background is rooted in retail and fine art. As a stylist, she is known for putting guests at ease and making the shopping environment comfortable and fun. She enjoys helping clients feel beautiful in their own skin by finding outfits that fit both their body and lifestyle and loves seeing guests leave Signatures with a smile on their face.


Originally from California, Shawna enjoys traveling, visiting museums, and is a major advocate of animal welfare. During her free time she enjoys walking on the beach with her dog, reading a good book, or seeing a good film.


Interests: Art, literature, and music


Favorite Quote: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” - Van Gogh


Celebrity Style Icon: Blake Lively


Favorite Place to Dine in Cape May: Oyster Bay


Gabriela's professional background to date is in customer service. She loves styling clients—and herself!—in Tees by Tina tops and leggings as they are comfortable and flatter any body type.


Gabriela currently resides in Bridgeton, NJ. She is passionate about beauty and enjoys giving makeovers and doing nails. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing with her dogs, and making people smile and laugh.


Interests: Baking, filming videos, playing piano


Celebrity Icon: Ashley Benson


Favorite Places to Dine in Cape May: The Lobster House & Uncle Bill’s

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